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Could Trump Election Be a “Huge” Win for Global Labor?

Despite President Trump’s proposed labor-friendly trade policies, the prevalent view is that labor will be on the defensive during the Trump administration. However, that view may not fully account for the development of a contractual and, for lack of a better term, philosophical international regulatory regime that lays the foundation for broader union success. Focusing … Continue Reading

The Globalization of Labor Disputes

My colleagues saw a line item in the advance sheets and said “this must be wrong, Joe; some reporter has obviously misunderstood.”  The report was simple: a local labor dispute at the El Super grocery stores in several southern California locations is now an international legal issue.  Worse, it was totally true. El Super, a small … Continue Reading

Want To Save Your Policies From The NLRB’s Sickle? Add Examples.

Employers who don’t want their policies sliced down by the National Labor Relations Board’s sickle, something that can spur union organizing and undermine disciplinary structure, should revise their policies (in handbooks or elsewhere) with specific examples of prohibited conduct. That’s the way, according to the little-noticed March 18, 2015 memo from the NLRB’s General Counsel, … Continue Reading

Weil Appointment Confirmed: “I love it when a plan comes together”

“I love it when a plan comes together” Col. John “Hannibal” Smith Confirmed by the Senate last Monday, Professor David Weil takes the helm as Administrator of the Wage Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor. In practical terms, the Wage Hour Administrator is the head honcho in charge of interpreting and enforcing the … Continue Reading


When there is news of faith-based groups, student associations, worker centers, and other community organizations confronting employers, the appropriate response may be to borrow a classic New Orleans line: who dat? Close inspection may reveal that it is nothing more than a labor union in disguise. There is a simple rule that boys from the … Continue Reading