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#MeToo and Its Impact on Global Investigations

Introduction              The #MeToo movement is a worldwide phenomenon.  Since October 2017, the hashtag has trended in at least 85 countries, and in dozens of languages—for example, #YoTambien in Spanish, #MoiAussi or #BalanceTonPorc in French, #QuellaVoltaChe in Italian, #Ятоже in Russian, גםאנחנו# in Hebrew, and أنا_كمان# in Arabic.               As the #MeToo movement gains momentum, … Continue Reading


Are you up for the challenge of dissecting the latest trends and developments in international employment law? Take the quiz here (Survey Monkey Quiz), or amaze your friends and neighbors with the crib sheet below.  I.     In the midst of Brexit uncertainties, UK employers should avoid recruiting European nationals.[1]   True *False* Employers there must still … Continue Reading

Unlimited Paid Time Off: Can Ferris Bueller’s Dream Go Global?

Thirty years ago, Ferris Bueller taught us how important a day off is. Fast forward, the recent rise of unlimited paid time off (PTO) policies sounds like Ferris’ heaven. Ferris would definitely take advantage.  So what is causing this recent trend in the U.S. and how can it be managed in a global workplace? Pros … Continue Reading

Forum Selection Clauses For U.S. Citizens Working In Another Country?

Choice of law and choice of forum clauses are routine. But, are those clauses enforceable in employment agreements covering U.S. citizens on foreign assignments?  Let’s compare cases involving (1) U.S. employees on long-term assignments in the UK; (2) who each had choice of law and choice of forum clauses; and (3) who each filed suit … Continue Reading

The Globalization of Labor Disputes

My colleagues saw a line item in the advance sheets and said “this must be wrong, Joe; some reporter has obviously misunderstood.”  The report was simple: a local labor dispute at the El Super grocery stores in several southern California locations is now an international legal issue.  Worse, it was totally true. El Super, a small … Continue Reading

A Movie Review And A Legal Critique: Two Days, One Night

Today’s authors are summer college interns from DLA’s Chicago office.  Two Days, One Night is an award winning film set in Belgium that revolves around an employment dilemma. Here’s the premise: Sandra is scheduled to return from sick leave on Monday but discovers on the preceding Friday that she is being terminated from her position with … Continue Reading

Mandated Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting

Recent legislation in the United Kingdom — the Modern Slavery Act (MSA) — requires every company doing business there and with a global revenue of at least £36 million (roughly 54 million in US dollars) to publish a slavery and human trafficking statement on its website. While that statement may permissibly say that the company … Continue Reading

5 Tips on Global Compensation Plans

Multinationals are increasingly looking to take pay, bonus and benefits plans global. That can be tricky. Cautionary tales include hefty fines for neglecting to translate documents into a local language and court rulings holding discretionary language lost due to verbal commitment. How can such unwelcome surprises be avoided? As Churchill put it, ”It is one … Continue Reading

Secondment Guessing?

Often, it makes practical sense to send an experienced worker from his/her home country to another country rather than engage an independent contractor or hire a new employee in that destination country. This is precisely when experienced global employers explore the possibility of a secondment. In a secondment (a term coined in the British army … Continue Reading

BRIC Façade?

Economists have predicted that the quartet of countries known as BRIC – Brazil, Russia, India and China – will have the world’s most explosive growth in the coming decades.  Indeed,  businesses and investors have flocked to these countries in part for the natural resources of Russia and Brazil and in part for the multiplying consumer … Continue Reading