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Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk: Best Practices for Handling Nursing Employees

“First comes love, then comes marriage [or not – no judgment], then comes the baby in the baby carriage” and then – for nursing working mothers – comes expressing milk at the workplace. Nursing employees are currently afforded workplace protections under several major federal laws; plus, many state and local governments have expanded these federal … Continue Reading

Successor Liability For Employment-Related Claims: A Pain In The Assets

There is a myth that buyers are protected from employment liabilities arising under prior ownership if there is a broad disclaimer and if it is an asset purchase. Not so. Sure, the “general rule” is that a purchaser of another company’s assets does not assume the seller’s liabilities.* But, employment law is the exception to … Continue Reading

Your Greatest Risk: Retaliation Claims

Let’s start with the statistics.  Last year, there were 99,412 EEOC charges filed; 37,836 of them — more than one out of every three — asserted retaliation.  Put differently, more charges of retaliation were filed than any other protected category.  It is every plaintiff’s lawyer’s favorite play.  Why?  Let’s turn to a case study. One of your managers, … Continue Reading