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Social Media Ownership Considerations in the Employment Context

At home, social media dilemmas include being 62 weeks deep in a social media account, and accidentally dropping a dreaded double-tap, “liking” a photo and releasing a notification that reveals your not-so-secret surveillance. It gets worse. What if you were perusing the account of an ex’s new flame? At work, social media can present even … Continue Reading

Want To Save Your Policies From The NLRB’s Sickle? Add Examples.

Employers who don’t want their policies sliced down by the National Labor Relations Board’s sickle, something that can spur union organizing and undermine disciplinary structure, should revise their policies (in handbooks or elsewhere) with specific examples of prohibited conduct. That’s the way, according to the little-noticed March 18, 2015 memo from the NLRB’s General Counsel, … Continue Reading